It’s time to take a stand for our Aussie wildlife and put an end to extinction for good.

© Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo for the frog - © Doug Gimesy / WWF-Aus for the koala - © Dejan Stojanovic / WWF-Aus

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It’s time to take a stand for our Aussie wildlife and put an end to extinction for good.

The Australian Senate has given us a rare chance to have a say on future government policy - with the right laws we can help tackle the extinction crisis.

Over 450 iconic species like the koala, the corroboree frog and the swift parrot are at risk of being lost forever.

Will you send a message to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the Extinction Crisis and be a voice for our unique wildlife and their homes today?

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Dear Committee Secretary,

I want to see an Australia where nature thrives. I am writing because I believe future generations deserve a country with healthy habitats full of wildlife. For that to happen, we must stop the extinction crisis that’s happening right now, which is threatening to wipe out the animals we love like koalas, swift parrots and the corroboree frog.

Today in Australia, over 450 species of native animals are at risk of disappearing forever.

If our wildlife is being wiped out at this rate, then there is something wrong with our current laws. We need change, and we need it urgently.

I believe the following actions are important:

  • The Australian Government must lead the country to achieve an end to faunal extinction. Only action at the highest level of government can ensure the change we need.
  • The Australian Government should institute a complete overhaul of the national environment laws and support the creation of strong and independent national institutions to ensure the laws are implemented and environmental outcomes are significantly improved.
  • Developing a National Environment Plan that set out common goals and objectives for state and federal governments, and aligns Australia’s species conservation efforts with our international obligations, including Aichi Target 12.
  • Australia’s environment laws must ensure permanent protection of faunal habitat by ending excessive tree-clearing and logging of old growth and high conservation value native vegetation, including disallowing the burning of native forests as a form of renewable energy.
  • There should be a legislated requirement to develop science-based recovery plans for all threatened species that are fully-funded, enforceable, binding, and require climate impact assessment for species and their critical habitats.
  • The government should commit to prompt, transparent and regular (minimum annual) release of data on the state and trends of threatened species, on the state and impacts on critical habitat of threatened species and on the outcome-focussed monitoring of species conservation efforts and spending.

Please urge the government to take up these actions - our animals and future generations are counting on us to make sure they do.

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